This project explores the past, present and hopefully future of an old community centre
in Philips Village, Eindhoven. Kerkje van Prijt on Iepenlaan served not only as a protestant
church in generally catholic Eindhoven, but also as an informal community centre for all
Philips employees and their families. The church became a connector between Catholics
and Protestants. Nowadays not many people remember its history. Church didn't receive
any recognition despite its cultural heritage. During my research I collected large amount
of data about history of the church and its community, which I decided to share with
local public. With my project I aimed to trigger a discussion about heritage of the
neighborhood among local people, it was an impulse to question the role of the past
and the heritage in nowadays society. All data I collected was present to the local
public during the collective act of 'rebuilding' the symbolic tower of the church.

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