Karolina Ferenc is a Polish multidisciplinary designer interested in
all aspects of anthropocentrism and the Anthropocene.
She uses design as a tool to question and speculate about
contemporary relationship between the human and naturalized,
emotional or feminie Other. Her projects question our uniqueness
as a specie and explore unexpected, often intimate connections
in human/nonhuman interactions. Narration of her works weaves
between scientific facts, para-fiction and imaginary speculation.
By rooting her approach in empathy and horizontality, her works
resist a dystopian and apocalyptic language in explorations of the future.

In October 2017 I’ve started my fellowship at Akademie Schloss Solitude.


2014 - 2016
MA Social Design 
Design Academy Eindhoven, the Netherlands

BA Interior Architecture
Departement of Interior Architecture and Design
Academy of Arts in Poznan, Poland


Participant of BIO 25 (25th Biennal of Design: Faraway, So Close
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Gijs Bakker Award Nominee


MakeMe! 2017
Łódź Design Festival

BIO 25: Faraway, So Close
Ljubljana, Slovenia

22-30 October 2016
Dutch Design Week, In need of... Exhibition, DAE

May 2011
ArenaDESIGN, X SPACE human & earth
Poznan, Poland

Jun 2011
Wzornictwo Przemysłowe Exibition Wola. Innowacje i Kreacje,
Poznan, Poland

Sep 2011
Exhibition of Mobile Workshop Works
Wola. Innowacje i Kreacje,
Poznan, Poland

Mar 2012
ArenaDESIGN, Poznan, Poland

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